I paint Plein Air landscape most often. Being outside with an easel, a pallette and handfull of paint brushes, in all kinds of weather and in all sorts of environments is my preference.

Results depend on some combination of skill, strength and luck. I use tactics to plan out the parts of a painting so I'm ready to paint the shadows when the light is right. Deciding how big a panel to use depends on how much time I have to paint. Travelling with just the essentials but being completely prepared is my goal. Learning how to deal with annoying insects, curious admirers and territorial dogs has to be considered. Even anticipating the rising and falling tides are occasionally part of my strategy.

However, three or four hours listening to the waves slapping the shore, breathing fresh air, concentrating on what things really look like, and making a scene come to life on the canvas is joyful work.

Picnic Boat  12" x 16"  Oil on Gesso Board Panel

Balsam Farm Stand  20" x 16"  Oil on Panel

Palmer Square Tiger  16" x 12"  Oil on Panel

Rickety Bridge  16" x 12"  Oil on Panel

Secret Beach Grace Estates  16" x 20"  Oil on Linen Panel

Princeton Battle Monument  14" x 11"  Oil on Linen panel

Farm Museum 11 x 14  Oil on Gessoboard Panel

Peaceful Peconic  11" x 14"  Oil on Panel

Masts on Havens Beach  12" x 16"  Oil on Panel

Springs General   12" x 16"  Oil on Wood Panel

Water Mill Museum  14" x 11"  Oil on Wood Panel

Life Guard  14" x 11"  Oil on Linen Panel

Sleeping Dog   20" x 16"   Oil on Wood Panel

McCarter Theater Princeton 16" x 20"  Oil on Panel

Beach Springs Fireplace 16" x 12" Oil on Panel

Home Sweet Home East Hampton 12" x 16" Oil on Panel

Cars, Clouds and Sand at Indian Wells  16 x 12" Oil on Wood Panel

Tractor at Three Mile Harbor 9" x 12" oil on panel

Cloud Reflections on Three Mile Channel 18 x 24 Oil on Stretched Canvas

Misty Morning Acabonack  16 x 12 Oil on panel
Gill Netters on Atlantic Beach 16" x 12" oil on stretched canvas

Hobie Cats on Havens Beach 14" x 11" Oil on panel

Holter Dam 14" x 11" Oil on wood panel

Swallow Condominiums  16" x 12"  Oil on wood panel

Maidstone Beach and Dunes 10" x 8" Oil on wood panel

Cedar Point and Rams Head   16" x 12"   oil on panel
Clam Pond 14" x 11"  Oil on panel
Pollack-Krasner Backyard 14" x 11" oil on stretched canvas