Random Samplings

This work is from real life, and photographs or sometimes purely from my imagination and it includes random subject matter. It ranges in dates and is available for purchase by going through my contact page.

Some of the pieces are from my earliest attempts at painting, some my most recent. Life Drawing is new to me and included here for the first time.



Life Drawing -  Charcoal on Newsprint





Works from Photography

Misty Shoreline   26" x 20"  Oil on Stretched Canvas

North on Main  40" x 30"  Oil on Stretched Canvas


Still Life

Eggplant and Pepper 7" x 5" Oil on Panel


Fruit Bowl and House Plants 5" x 7" Oil on Panel


Conch and Crab 7" x 5" Oil on Panel


Lone Pear 7" x 5" oil on panel


Pears in Bowl 7" x 5" Oil on Panel





Roses and Bowl of Fruit 12 x 9 Oil on Stretched Canvas